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ISBN: 0-7043-4726-1
Fecha de la edición: 2011
Dimensiones: Second Hand Paperback cm
Nº Pág.: 305

pvp.4.00 €


Resumen del libro

A young woman stands alone by her broken-down car on a deserted stretch of Californian highway. A place called Point Deception.
None of the passing drivers stops to help her. Next day all will express remorse and guilt as her battered corpse is found in a nearby deserted cove. One of those drivers is Sheriff's Deputy Rhoda Swift, a woman still haunted by the massacre which happened in isolated Cascada Canyon thirteen years earlier. The killer, who walked into a secluded commune and slaughtered the men, women and children living peacefully there, was never caught and the people of Soledad County have been living in fear and suspicion ever since.
Has the killer struck again? Guy Newberry, a writer sent by the family of the only survivor of the massacre to discover the truth behind the slaying, thinks so. Can he persuade Rodha to face a truth she can barely comprehend? Will she fail a second time?

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