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por BJORN, Kristen
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Editorial: Bruno Gmünder
ISBN: 3861872412
Fecha de la edición: 2002
Lugar de la edición: Alemania
Dimensiones: Tapa dura, 21,50 x 28,50 cm
Nº Pág.: 120


29.95 €
ahora: 14.95 €



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Resumen del libro

120 páginas a todo color por el famoso  fotógrafo y cineasta KRISTEN BJORN.
Nobody else knows how to catch the erotic charisma and the ?machismo' of Latin men so perfectly well, like Kristen Bjorn. Concentrated sensuality, marvellous locations, abundant brightness of colours and technical brilliance, are just a few attributes describing Bjorn?s nearly vividly picture-language. By his second photo-book he tied up seamlessly with his huge success of his first edition ?Men of Kristen Bjorn'. On 120 pages we experience the concentrated sensuality of the hottest guys from around the world. By abundant bright colours and technical brilliance Bjorn understands to present every facet of male erotic so plastically, that one might have the illusion that this is the real thing. Preferably we are lured to Latinamerica where Bjorn finds his exotic locations as well as that type of men, who represents the ?machismo' in purity and what his worldwide fans love so much. While watching the pictures one nearly feels the muggy air as well as the erotic tension which dominates the scenes. His trips brought Kristen Bjorn to other regions too; none-less full of suspense pictures from Australia, Russia and Hungary are awaiting us, where he was able to engage the most beautiful models. The whole splendour will be brought to adequate prestigiousness by the laborious print-technology and premium workmanship. Kristen Bjorn, born in 1957, began his career in 1981 as model in porn-movies of Falcon-Filmstudios. At the same time he started to photograph and became by international publication one of the most important representatives of male nude-photography. In 1989 Bjorn published his first gay hardcore-movie. In the past 10 years Kristen Bjorn worked all over the world and made some of the best erotic- and porn-movies.

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