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por MONTGOMERY, Ernest
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Editorial: Bruno Gmünder
ISBN: 9783959850162
Fecha de la edición: 2017
Lugar de la edición: (Alemania)
Dimensiones: Tapa dura, 26 x 34 cm
Nº Pág.: 128


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Resumen del libro

Hermoso is a Spanish word meaning handsome, beautiful. It is an aesthetic one embodies and possesses naturally. For Dominican men, it is innate, part of their DNA. In this new project, Hermoso, Ernest Montgomery captures Dominican men in intimate and seductive scenes throughout Santo Domingo, Bonao, Barahona, Las Terrenas, Moca, Haina, San Cristobal, and San Juan de Maguana.
These rural communities are filled with hard-working men, laborers, barbers, taxi drivers, sports players, and small businessmen who are fathers, uncles, and brothers looking to provide for their families and their communities. They are determined men who dream and dream big. They want what every man wants for himself: a house, economic mobility, and a loving family. So they work diligently to make their dream a reality. And though they work hard, they play and love even harder.
Ernest invites us to join him on a journey. It is a mission which provides entrée into the world of these beautiful and handsome men of the Dominican Republic. We find ourselves being guided inside the countryside, beaches, and barrios of these men. It is inside the corridors of the barrio — in the crevices of the seediest corners that these images reflect the bright colorful interior of Dominican male life — from the barbershop, to the baseball field, the basketball court, the luscious green land, and its majestic beaches.
We bear witness to the regality of stately men who have been anointed and crowned as kings by the gods in all their magnificent glory. In their royalty, they hold the Atlantic Ocean hostage and are able to march on its waters and command the sky to open up and reveal a piercing sun. It beats upon the splendor of their strapping bodies, kissing their gold, bronze, and dark skin with a gentle passion.
These images are daring, bold, and vibrant. Each holds a story, an insight, and a view into a world that is not often seen to the outsider. You now have access to intimately engage into a privileged world. Take part and allow yourself to be fully immersed inside him, them. Fall deep inside the abyss of the hermoso. Allow your imagination to freely flow. Allow yourself to drift mindlessly. And, while you are there, feel free to feel around, touch, gaze, adore, and appreciate all the wonder.

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