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por Lynn S. Hightower
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ISBN: 0-340-63848-6
Fecha de la edición: 2011
Dimensiones: Pocket cm
Nº Pág.: 344

pvp.4.50 €


Resumen del libro

The killer is a woman, and she knows no mercy. She handcuffs men to the steering wheel of their car, douses them with petrol, and sets them on fire. She then takes pictures and mails them to her victim's families. The media call her 'Flash'.
Homicide Detective Sonora Blair doesn't need any more complications in her life. She's a single mother with an ulcer, two kids and a three-legged dog. Getting involved with Keaton Daniels, the latest victim's brother, is a bad idea - one that could cost her job. And when the killer becomes fixed with Keaton, it's an idea that could cost him his life.
So Sonora embarks on a bizarre and dangerous cat-and-mouse game with Flash - who wants to be her friend, but wants to kill her man.

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